Saturday, 17 February 2018
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Joy of Garlic


It’s not rocket science, but for former Aerospace Engineer, Jean Najjar, the creation of Joy’s International Foods is a dream come true. Named after his daughter Joy and based on a family recipe from his Grandfather, Jean brought the taste of the Mediterranean to America’s table. After the secret mix of garlic and spices grew in popularity with his friends and family, he took the plunge and began producing Garlic Joy Spreads at local gourmet markets in Melbourne, FL in early 2003. 

The all-natural versatility and unique flavor of these products created a loyal following and as demand increased, distribution spread across the Southeast. Made with raw blended ingredients, Garlic Joy is Kosher approved, vegetarian, vegan, free of preservatives, dairy, cholesterol, trans-fat and sugar. The numerous health benefits are outmatched only by its remarkable taste.

Garlic Joy can be used to spice up any recipe, from seasoning meats, stews and vegetables to spreading on sandwiches, wraps and breads. The product packs the delicious and nutritious benefits of pure fresh garlic – more than 20 bulbs per jar in a creamy spread that dissolves easily and tastes great! As distribution and production continues to grow Jean still blends and oversees production personally, ensuring the quality and freshness of Garlic Joy. The company has developed new products since and will continue to introduce new healthy creations from the same Mediterranean region.