Saturday, 17 February 2018
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Lowcountry Produce

Lowcountry Produce is a purveyor of regional Southern delicacies from the coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia. All of our products are handmade and handpacked using only all-natural ingredients.

The seasonal rhythm of family food production and preservation has nearly disappeared, but the memory of those delicious foods of the past still lingers.  About five years ago, Lowcountry Produce decided to collect our own regional and family recipes and produce those special foods to let people have a continuing connection to the way things used to be. Our efforts have been well received, and our customers have been glad to leave the canning and preserving process to us and reap the benefits of our labor by serving foods that are pretty close to what Grandma used to make. 

We are an authentic Southern artisan company. We are true believers in our small-batch, hand-packed products. We support our local farmers. We make each product at the time when our ingredients are at their peak. Our recipes represent the best food traditions of the lowcountry. 

Located in Lobeco, South Carolina, Lowcountry Produce brings you the best of these unique flavors. History here is alive and served fresh daily.