Tuesday, 27 June 2017
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Tricky DIx Mojo

Tricky Dix Mojo is the brainchild of Chris and Jennifer Dixon. What started as a simple spice rim for our Bloody Marys and Michiladas, Tricky Dix Mojo has turned into a favorite all spice as well.

What has happened was more than we ever imagined. But first, let’s start at the beginning.

One afternoon we were at one of our favorite restaurants watching a Sunday football game. We ordered 2 Michiladas, in which the restaurant rimmed the top of our glasses with Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. We thought, “Wow! Yummy!”. That is so much better than just plain salt on the rim. Well, when we arrived home, Chris, a non cook whose only specialty is Campbell’s Tomato soup and grilled cheese, started pulling all of the spices out of my spice cabinet. I did not pay much attention, but being an ex restaurateur and avid cook, I soon had to give my two cents.

After a year of perfecting and perfecting, and nineteen of our favorite spices later, Tricky Dix Mojo was born. We would carry our Mojo around in my purse to restaurants and friends houses for our personal use, never guessing how much the Mojo was about to change our lives.