Duck Fat Cooking Spray


With many years cooking, both professionally and as a home chef, nothing has changed our finished meals like Duck Fat Spray. This is our go-to secret weapon for everything food.

We cure our own bacon with it and use it for grilling, smoking, sides, and sauces. The meats are better, juicer and more flavorful. The sides have a crisper flavor and the Duck Fat Spray brings out flavor notes that you won’t get with any other product.

All natural, with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients!
Duck fat is naturally gluten-free!
High smoke point making it safer and easier to use.
High in monosaturated fat with 41% less saturated fat than butter.
No need to refrigerate…it’s reusable and has a very long shelf life! Made in the USA of 100% recyclable material.
Available in convenient easy-to-use 7oz Spray can and 7.5 lb tub.

Min 3 cases FOB Omaha, NB  

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