Grace's Best


Grace’s Best uses a unique recipe that sparkles with crunchy originality while somehow reminding people of simpler times with simple affection.

The story behind Grace’s Best is as authentic as the cookies themselves. In 1992, Grace’s grandmother, Margaret, started a small cookie company outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Her bestseller, a crunchy cookie made with non-traditional but naturally delicious ingredients, included sunflower seeds and rolled oats.

When Margaret retired in 2002, her son Jeff took over the company and named it Grace’s Best Cookies with the hopes of building a family-owned tradition.

With no trans-fats or artificial preservatives, Grace’s Best Cookies are a sweet treat your whole family can feel good about eating. Available in 12oz, 7oz and 1oz bags.

Minimum order 2 cases Delivered Pricing St. Louis, MO.  

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