Magic Dates


Growing up, my mom brought us around the dinner table every night. That positive association always stuck with me. Good food is fundamentally about nourishing ingredients that serve your body and soul. But it’s also about bringing people together, whether across the table or across cultures.

Dates are a staple in the Mediterranean and we grew up with ancient stories of this survival food keeping explorers nourished in the desert. At home, the way we enjoy dates is by removing the pit and replacing it with a walnut. I wanted to share this experience with others and so I created MAGICdATES.

Made of only nutrient-dense ingredients, we blend a specially-selected variety of dates with walnuts, coconut, and cacao to bring you a chewy, crunchy, and sweet bite with just a touch of Himalayan salt. Your taste buds will dance.

5 Flavors to choose from: Lemon, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Coconut and Blueberry

Minimum order 2 cases Delivered Pricing St. Louis, MO. 

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