Angelo Pietro


A man with a big passion for Italian cuisine, Pietro Founder Kunihiko Murata followed his heart and opened a small Italian pasta restaurant in 1980 in his hometown of Fukuoka, in south-western Japan. He quickly learned that Japanese food lovers shared his passion for the flavors of Italy.

The hugely popular Angelo Pietro salad dressings began as a humble sideline to the pasta business. “To keep our patrons happy, we created the idea of an Italian vinaigrette with Japanese flavors to accompany a small salad and vegetables as a start. Customers loved it, but most importantly, children loved it.”

From these modest beginnings, Pietro Dressings have now become the best-selling soy dressings in Japan with more than 17 million bottles of dressing produced and sold each year.

4 Flavors to choose from: Original, Ginger, Lemon and Sesame & Miso

Min order 6 cases, Delivered Pricing 

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