Sea Island Saltworks


Sea Island Saltworks is a sea salt-based seasoning designed to enhance the natural flavors of your food. A unique combination of sea salts and spices from around the world, Sea Island Saltworks was originally created as a steak seasoning but pairs well with just about any meat or vegetable.

The name “Sea Island Saltworks” is a reflection of both the history surrounding salt production along the South Carolina coast and the rich lifestyle these Sea Islands provide. For hundreds of years, coastal areas such as Murrells Inlet, DeBordieu and Hilton Head bore large salt production facilities that were vital for the preservation and consumption of food.

The critical nature of these saltworks was obvious as they became primary targets in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and, much like the lowcountry rice plantations, South Carolina’s saltworks are now part of our region’s storied past.

Minimum order 1 case FOB Lexington, SC. 

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